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Route of Rith 2018

What route will Rith 2018 take?

Rith 2018 will kick-off in Belfast, on 11 March 2018. After the opening speeches, the baton will be opened and a message of support for the Irish language will be inserted. The baton will then be passed to the lead runner of the first kilometre and the trip will begin…

The baton will be carried around Ireland for seven days, running from morning to night, covering a trip of over 500km passing through more than 150 towns and villages. Rith 2018 will finish on 17 March in Kerry.

On this website, the full details of the Rith 2018 will be presented. The course will be laid out with a full kilometre listing for each county section.


If Rith 2018 is not going through your town…

Don’t worry if Rith 2018 is not going through your down, as your school or group can still take part in Rith 2018:

  • By organising a mini Rith in your own area – We will send you out a pack to help you get going
  • Organise a tour – Buy a kilometre of the Rith 2018 course and organising a tour to a town on the route
  • Remember that a brand new course will be laid out for the Rith 2018 event – register your interest that Rith comes to your town/village
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