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Preparing for Rith 2018

Preparing for the Rith

  • Buy a kilometre for your school on or by calling Rith’s office at 01 4757401
  • Organise a competition in the school with the winner selected to carry the Rith baton when Rith 2018 reaches your school kilometre
  • Download the Rith 2018 school support pack
  • Make welcoming signs for the community and disperse them in your town or community. We’ve included some templates in the school support package.
  • Design and make a Flag to welcome Rith 2018. What not get an old sheet and colour it in [See re a special flag competition]
  • Organise a welcoming sign for Rith 2018 at the edge of your town
  • Hang ‘Bunting’ along the route of Rith 2018
  • Design some props to welcome Rith 2018
  • Talk to your local radio stations about Rith 2018
  • Put a notice about Rith 2018 in your local newspaper and in the parish newsletter
  • Distribute information leaflets about Rith 2018 in your area, especially around the event route
  • Distribute information leaflets about Irish language services and classes in your area
  • Design and wear T-Shirts, Hats etc. for Rith 2018
  • Learn the Rith song from our inaugural festival in 2010

Participation in the Rith

  • Run your own kilometre with a group of students, with one person selected to run with the baton!
  • Organise groups of students to line the route supporting the runners
  • Face painting
  • Dress up in costumes of fancy dress and
  • Do the “Haka Gaelach”. Teach the words and actions. The details are in the school support package. Tip! Google the term “Haka Gaelach”!
  • Make noise! ( Bodhrán, drums, shakers &rl)
  • If Rith 2018 reaches you after dark…glow sticks, torches, candles, lanterns, hi-viz clothing &rl
  • Cheerleaders with Pom Poms agus streamers
  • Organise music and amplify it with a sound system
  • Create pride in the Irish language and your town/county. Wear your county colours!
  • Create some atmosphere with a megaphone to motivate the crowd
  • Speak Irish to everyone that you meet!
  • Take lots of photos – Rith 2018 will have a photo competition for the best photo
  • Sing!
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