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Health & Safety


The health and safety of the participants and of the Rith 2018 team is paramount to the organisers of Rith. Over the last two years, hours of preparation and planning have been spent planning the Rith 2018 event in detail, and defining clear plans/guideline documents for the Rith team and for all participants in the event.

Important Documents – To be read by all participants

Rith 2018 Child Protection Policy>>>

Guidelines for participants of Rith 2018 regarding Health & Safety>>>

Event Safety Management Plan 2018>>>

This plan ensures the manner in which health, safety and well-being of participants is at the highest possible standard. It is advised that all participants of Rith 2018 read this document.

Rith 2018 welcomes participants with a disability:
Rith 2018 – Polasáí do Dhaoine le Míchumas>>>


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