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Get Involved


There are many ways that people/groups can get involved with Rith 2018

Schools and Community Groups

  1. Buy a kilometre here and take part in the run
  2. Come out on to the streets next March and welcome Rith 2018 to your community
  3. Organise an event in your town
  4. Hang posters and decorations to advertise Rith 2018
  5. Use the school pack that Rith 2018 will send to all schools on the route (available to other schools on request)


  1. Buy a kilometre for €100 here – Run it or allow us to organise somebody to run it on your behalf
  2. Buy a virtual kilometre for €10
  3. Join the Rith 2018 – register as a volunteer here
  4. If you have a special skill, offer to help the Rith team
  5. Make a donation to help fund Rith 2018
  6. Just come out and run on the day!
  7. Buy a product from our shop


  1. Buy a kilometre and opt to  run or allow us to select a runner on your behalf. We will send you a poster and window sticker “Cara le Rith – Supporter of Rith 2018” out to you in the post
  2. Buy an advertisement on
  3. Provide sponsorship for Rith 2018
  4. Make products/services available to Rith 2018
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