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Buy a kilometre

Each of the Rith 2018 relay run kilometres are available to purchase as. Anybody or any group can buy a kiometre of the course

 If you buy a kilometre, you will get:

  • A kilometre of Rith 2018 reserved for you and your group
  • You lead the run and carry the official baton for your selected kilometre
  • 2 x Official Rith 2018 vests for the baton carrier(s)
  • Permission for your support group to immediately follow you with flags, banners etc.
  • An information pack with information on the run, safety information etc.
  • Your name, your group and website address will be listed under the KM listing
  • The option to buy the kilometre with Rith 2018 organising somebody to run on your behalf.

Click on the box below to find your county. If you are having trouble buying a kilometre contact us at at



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